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The Beer Crate Bridge is constructed on the Flux Field at the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

TU/e campus, Flux field

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Eindhoven Central Station is at 10 minute walking distance.

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De Zaale, 5612AZ Eindhoven

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Live stream

Visit the event at Fluxveld on the TU/e campus, or via the live stream. The stream will start at 14:30, half an hour before the record attempt.

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The record attempt

On the 11th of May, the long-anticipated moment will arrive... KOers will take their BeerCrateBridge out of the scaffolding and set the new world record!

After a one-and-a-half-year preparation by the fanatic KOers BeerCrateBridge committee, and with the help of countless volunteers in the weeks prior to the event, KOers will throw a new attempt at the prestigious world record with an innovative bridge design.

After a series of failed attempts by teams in Delft and Twente, KOers will take matters into their own hands and try to beat the current record of 26.69 meters, achieved by KOers and SUPport in 2016! The bridge has to stand on its own for one hour to achieve the new world record!

Beginning of the program at the location of the bridge

Scheduled start of the world record attempt

Conclusion of the attempt
Start of the party

End of the party

KOers event page

The party

After KOers will improve its current BeerCrateBridge World Record of 26.69m in 2016 into a way larger span, it is time to celebrate this great achievement! Around 16:00, the doors to the party terrain (and the tap!) will be opened. DJenssen will close the party with a blast!

A link to the (free!) ticket sale is included in the event page. Signing up for the party will go through an Eventix portal, not via the KOers website.

KOers event page

Free tickets


The Beer Crate Bridge committee can be contacted at

Feel free to contact us with questions or other things!

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